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The Story Of Oak Records


 Ready Steady Go: The Roots Of Oak (Late 1963-Feb.1965)

The Story Of Oak Records

A1 Wild Oats, The You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover
Written-By Dixon
A2 Bo Street Runners, The Shame Shame Shame
Written-By Reed
A3 Thyrds, The Hide & Seek
Written-By Ellis
A4 A-Jaes, The I'm Leaving You
Written-By White
A5 Rats, The Spoonful
Written-By Dixon
A6 Betterdays, The Aw Shucks Hush Your Mouth
Written-By Reed
A7 Five Of Diamonds, The Route 66
Written-By Troup
A8 Hickory Stix, The Hello My Darling
Written-By Gianitto
A9 Jaguars, The Now You Wonder Why
Written By Coleman

Anyway Anyhow Anywhere: Oak Branches Out (May 1965-March 1967)

The Story Of Oak Records

B1 'Im And The Uvvers Wake Me Now
Written By Carpark, Chapin
B2 Miller Baby I Got News For You
Written-By Miller
B3 Act, The I Turn To Love You
Written-By Gowing, Blake, Brown
B4 Peter And The Persuaders Cross My Heart
Written-By Trent
B5 Four Leaved Clovers, The Alright Girl
Written-By Four Leaved Clovers
B6 Game, The The Addicted Man
Written-By Gowing, Blake, Brown
B7 Kingpins, The Maybe Sometime
Written-By R Neale
B8 Five Steps Beyond Faint Heart
Written-By Winward

Pipers At The Gates Of Dawn: Oak Gets Out Of Its Tree (Nov.1967-Aug.1968)

The Story Of Oak Records

C1 Amber Yellow And Red
Written-By Smith, Read
C2 Ice Show, The I Remember Susannah
Written-By Ice Show
C3 Mike Stuart Span Concerto Of Thoughts
Written-By Hobmur/Benmac
C4 Lavender Grove Lavender Grove
Written-By Spencer
C5 Pneumonia I Can See Your Face
Written-By Pneumonia
C6 Keith Dangerfield No Life Child
Written-By Dangerfield
C7 Herd, The Good Citizen
Written-By Bown, Frampton

Dazed And Confused: Oak Goes Underground (Late 1968-Jan.1971)

The Story Of Oak Records

D1 Velvet Frogs, The Jehovah
Written-By Muchmore
D2 Velvet Hush Lover Please
Written-By Velvet Hush
D3 Brew Play Your Tune
Written-By Brew
D4 Factory Time Machine
Written-By Tony Qunta

The Story Of Oak Records

  • Artwork By [Sleeve Design] David Anton
  • Compiled By, Other [Album Conceptualised, Researched, Supervised, Co-ordinated, Annotated, More Or Less Everything Else] David Wells
  • Remastered By [Digitally] Denis Blackham



Comes in a gatefold cover.
Subtitled as "An Anthology Of Recordings Made At R. G. Jones (Morden) Limited.".
Tracks presented in the time series and each side has its chapter.

Limited hand numbered edition of 1000.

CD version of this compilation exists on Tenth Planet's sub label Wooden Hill in 1999 with slightly different track listing (Cat#: "WHCD007").

The Story Of Oak Records


R G Jones' Recording Studio in Morden, Surrey would probably qualify as a historic landmark today, if it hadn't been long ago demolished by the local council. The Rolling Stones and The Yardbirds laid down their earliest demo recordings there, in 1962 and '63 respectively, and over the course of the ensuing decade Jones had a steady stream of clients, mostly young unknowns who left the premises with a handful of acetate demos made on the studio's in-house disc-cutter. The studio's own Oak label went a step further, issuing limited run vinyl pressings (usually just 99 copies, to avoid Purchase Tax) which were manufactured at Pye's nearby pressing plant. These records have become some of the most sought-after `60s artifacts, not only for their scarcity but because they contain some of the deadliest R&B and freakbeat ever made, as The Story of Oak Records amply demonstrates

A 2LP vinyl issue appeared on Tenth Planet in 1994 (see UT#14) but is now out of print. This CD version is a somewhat curtailed version of that set, omitting several of the weaker tracks and making some key substitutions, including the addition of several killers not on the vinyl edition. 

Getting to those first, The Four Degrees provide a raving version of "Too Much Monkey Business", modelled after The Yardbirds, but with more teen energy and some bangin' Jerry Lee-style piano work; I love how the harmony vocal drowns out the lead on the chorus. Also new here, The Exiles' "Love In the Making" is an excellent charging beat number and The Phoenix's "You Are The Moon And The Stars And The Sun" is an upbeat pop-psych winner. However, the pick of the new bunch are The Gremlins, who give some freakbeat aggro to the Spencer Davis Group's "High Time Baby" with slashing amped-up guitar and an aggressive vocal from future Fleur de Lys member Chris (later Tim) Andrews. 

These Solskjaer-style `super subs' enhance an already stellar line-up that includes R&Beat gems by the likes of The Bo Street Runners and The Betterdays, freakbeat essentials by The Kingpins and The Game, and superb psychedelia by Amber and Mike Stuart Span, and not to forget the delectably mysterioso Velvet Frogs. 

Unless you can prove to me you already own every one of these horrifically rare recordings (stand up, Dr Andy Few?), you are commanded to buy this. 

- Mike Stax (Originally published in Ugly Things #18, 2000)






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31 Oct 2016


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